Staff Leadership

Lee Patke

Kelly Jennings

Hayley Suppes

Development Director
(719) 419-5599

Jim Ganyard

Nick Bontrager

Affordable Housing

Kassandra Haynesworth

Jonathan Collins

Candace White

Records and Compliance Specialist
(719) 475-1422 x116

Kimberly Anthony

Alexis Aguilera

Kayla Fields-Johnson

Resident Resources

Timothy Johnston

Heide Abbey

Amanda Kroner

Resident Resource Navigator
(719) 475-1422 ext. 131 

Grant Management & Fundraising

Laura Yassa


Tim McAteer

Damian Carter

Steve Traglio

Erik Headle


Board of Directors

Braden Hammond


Zach Bunney


Mike Heritage

Vice President

Thea Platt


Robert Bentzen

Member at Large

Aaron Conway

Member at Large

Kerry Egleston

Member at Large

Jack Hood

Member at Large

Bart Givens

Member at Large

James Johnson

Member at Large

Kelly Mannix

Member at Large

Chris Nervig

Member at Large

Steve Ogle

Member at Large

Lyndsay Ressler

Member at Large

Greccio Housing

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