Resident Resources

Greccio’s Resident Resources and supportive services were developed in 2002 to provide essential training in life skills, managing a household, achieving a living wage, and provide coaching, peer support and emergency resources that aid in resident success. Residents have access to Life Skills & Education classes, Outreach & Advocacy services, Emergency Assistance provisions, and Community Development programs that allow residents to begin to apply positive life choices and establish new behavioral responses that chip away at the cycle of poverty.
Life Skills
We currently provide free classes for our resident to ensure they remain stable in their homes and have the opportunity to provide their families a better future.  Currently we have regular classes on cooking, health and wellness, gardening, and budgeting.  
Outreach & Events
Greccio Housing fosters a family environment by proving special events and outreach programs to ensure everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the holidays regardless of their financial ability.  Our larger programs include the Adopt-A-Family Program around the Christmas holiday; an Easter Egg Hunt and Brunch; a 4th of July BBQ; and a Fall Festival for carving pumpkins from our gardens.  Some of our smaller programs include events such as Town Hall Meetings, Ice Cream Socials, Welcome Baskets for new residents, Open Houses and Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies.
Garden Program
This program is designed to get youth and adults outside more, build communities, lower blood pressure with hands in dirt and provide an opportunity to eat healthier.  We use a no till – no chemical philosophy at all our properties and have raised beds at 11 of our properties.  Every year we work to increase our garden program to ensure all of resident have the opportunity to grow their own food.
Grab N' Go Library & Reading Program
Greccio provides each property a small little library which enables resident to exchange and share books.  With the help of dedicated volunteers, books can be requested and changed out monthly.  Books are a great way for kids to learn, go and discover the world.  Book donations are always needed; please donate your books today!
Emergency Services
Greccio Housing has limited financial resources available for our residents who may need rent & utility assistance.  This resource is available one time for a resident.  We have an eviction prevention program that is designed to help a resident through a ‘once in a life time event’ with both case management and financial resources. Greccio also has its own Grocery Assistance Program where residents may pick up food and during the summer we run a Summer Nutrition Program.  Greccio can help residents get to doctor’s appointments with individual bus passes upon request.
Resident Council

Our residents have a voice through our Resident Council.  Members serve for one year and meet monthly or quarterly based on the projects that are voted on by the members.  This is a great way to get involved and helps to develop a sense of belonging for many of our residents.

Greccio Housing believes in the power of education.  We have funds available to provide our residents an opportunity for personal development regardless of age.  Scholarships can be applied for by all of our residents.

Greccio Events Calendar


Next month’s calendar will be available by the 25th, check back for updates!

“I just wanted to tell you, and all of Greccio, how much I appreciate all that you do for your residents.”
– Greccio Resident