Property Improvement Project Updates



The Plaza on Platte Apartments is former motel located on Platte Avenue that has been converted into efficiency, one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. The Plaza is program based housing for chronically homelessness persons taking the first step to permanent housing. The Plaza consists of a total of 33 units, originally constructed in 1962 with (1) one-story building and (1) two-story building split into East and West sections. 


Plaza on Platte hosts our No Cost Grocery Program designed to provide healthy, fresh food options each week and offer the residents the chance to shop for the items that would best fit their households’ food preferences and nutritional needs. This month the pantry space received a much needed face-lift with new paint, flooring and storage renovations.  Lighting and new multi-use furniture are being installed to improve the function of the program and allow for education classes including those focused on cooking and nutrition.

Thanks to grant funding from the Colorado Spring Utilities Community Focus fund, Plaza on Platte will be receiving an entirely new boiler system! Project work will begin in May!

Based on results from a portfolio-wide Capital Needs Assessment, Greccio will replace and upgrade the roofing system at Clark Mellen Apartments. This property was originally constructed in 1900.

Repairs to the front porch are being scheduled and a new exterior paint color scheme will freshen the property.

Greccio completed replacement of both the roof, roof underlayment and the rain gutter system. The new roof will help protect the masonry and structure of a building originally constructed over one hundred years ago to continue to provide housing for ten families.



One of our smaller apartment communities, the 6-unit Arcadia Apartments were originally acquired in December of 2016.  An already-sound building, desired improvements have included a new boiler system for heat, paving of the gravel parking lot, painting the exterior, and conversion of 2 of the units to ADA accessibility.  Installation of a new and high-efficiency boiler system have just been completed.  The Arcadia ADA upgrade project is generously funded by a City of Colorado Springs Community Development Block Grant. These Improvements will make the Arcadia Apartments a stable, safe, and affordable place to live for another generation.


The accessibility upgrade project is 100% complete with a recently completed parking lot paving and striping.

Interior renovations for a Colorado Springs City funded accessibility upgrade have been completed. Two units have been upgraded to improve accessibility to include new bathrooms, transfer style showers and new kitchens. Work in the kitchens included new accessible appliances and cabinets. Due to the extent of the work to upgrade accessibility, new flooring has been installed entirely within the renovated units. New exterior handicap ramps and guardrails have been installed allowing easier access for anyone in a wheelchair or with challenged mobility. Paving the parking lot is the last part of the project and, weather permitting, will be completed in March.

Two units in the Arcadia Apartment complex are scheduled to receive handicap accessibility upgrades. This work encompasses a complete remodel inside both units with new bathrooms, kitchens and interior finishes. Work will also included new sidewalks and handicap accessible ramps leading into both units. The parking area will be paved and will include much needed drainage improvements. All work is currently under contract and expected to take place early next month.
The bidding process for each of the primary improvement areas is in its final stages, and we expect work to begin this summer!
Our CDBG loan application has been approved by the city and will soon be finalized. This will allow us to begin our architectural design work and several exterior improvements as soon as April of 2019.
Our city application was recently updated to answer questions from community development and in final coordination. In the meantime, we are gathering estimates/proposals for the desired work (parking lot paving, painting, ADA upgrades to 2 apartments, landscaping and roofing). We’re seeking to start work in mid-spring.
After damage from a fire in Spring, 2020, tenants from 26 units were temporarily displaced. Greccio worked diligently to continue to provide housing for all tenants while immediate repairs were made to the complex. Urgent repairs were completed to the complex boilers, providing both heat and hot water, and power was restored to affected units. These efforts allowed tenants in 24 units to return to their homes.


After a fire in the spring that affected the building boiler room, laundry room and multiple tenant units, work has been completed to repair the fire damage. Boilers and hot water storage tanks for the entire complex have been replaced. The tenant laundry room, which was impacted by the fire, has been reconstructed and is now open for use. Lastly, two units which were heavily damaged have been completely rebuilt. The two units have all new kitchens, appliances, bath fixtures and finishes

Originally acquired in 2012, Woodbine is undergoing an accessibility renovation and improvement project. With much of the housing inventory in our city constructed in the 70s and 80s, conversion to greater accessibility is a priority today. Thank you to the City of Colorado Springs for their investment of HOME funds into this important upgrade and expanded accessible offering for a population with limited options for housing.

As of May, 2019, accessibility and ADA upgrades to the entrance and 4 ground-level apartments is now complete!  Many thanks to our construction partners, TN Parker Construction and Tucco Construction; and our primary funding source, the City of Colorado Springs.  Special thanks for ongoing advice and consultation by the Independence Center!

The first of four apartment conversions to provide greater accessibility was completed on March 26, 2019. This unit now has a more open layout, allowing greater movement and ADA/ANSI amenities in the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Already completed is a new ground-floor entryway, which replaced a cumbersome 5-step elevated entry deck, which then led to more stairs to the garden level or second floor. The new entryway offers ground-floor access for those with mobility impairments improved ease of visiting. The next phase of improvements, beginning in March/April 2019, will be a conversion of four ground-level apartments to ADA/ANSI standards – open bathrooms, walk/roll-in showers, modified doorways, lowered cabinets/countertops and more!